Saturday, 20 April 2013

CSR – Common Social responsibility

Yes your brain is rightly responding by suspecting(speculating) that CSR is acronym for Corporate Social responsibility not Common Social responsibility. If you are an MBA aspirant then you might know this term because somehow this could be your group discussion topic and if you are avid reader or you are one of those who keep their current affairs quotient high then you must come up with name Azim Prem Ji Biggest Philanthropist among Indian Biz Tycoons.

Every MNC has CSR Initiative in their company for the awareness of social responsibility and of what they owe to the society. So it is the duty of the corporate honchos to Donate and let less privileged feel that someone understands them and is ready to help them. But it is mournful that still there is a gap between what’s been talked about and what’s been done. The awareness still doesn't overcome the greed that one nurtures in one’s heart to bring all the wealth of the world to the feet of one’s family. I do not disapprove one’s concern for blood but would like them to understand where to take a turn, when to switch from family to society.


But then, I also believe, why to wait till one enters the corporate world. Why isn't this sense of Social responsibility instigated earlier i.e., immediately after we gain conscious. If only we teach our children, who are privileged enough to go to good schools and leading a luxurious life, that they owe something to their peers who are less privileged and are forced to struggle, maybe as a labour worker at a tender age,  to earn his bread and not have any access to education which actually is their right.

In my opinion, CSR should rather be taught as a part of curriculum and like any other subject it should also be evaluated. The basis of evaluation can be one’s service to the society, efforts made by him/her to bring balance in the society and his/her vision or ideas about the same. This will not only enhance the living standards of the poor, but will also induce in the young minds the sense of giving and sharing, along with that it will help improve the human relations. It may bring some other positive outcomes as well like decreased crime rate and power to discrimination. This will also change the

Common man’s perception of the privileged stereotyped for being worthless and plain lucky.

I have worked as a volunteer for an NGO. I worked as a teacher for duration of 3 months. This decision was triggered by monotonous life style working as an IT professional. The weekdays were occupied with work till late night and weekend with boredom or party .To list a few things that encompass majority of time of an IT professional’s life were long working hours, Boozing, Girlfriend and a race for luxurious items. Till date, I feel the most satisfying job and feeling for me was teaching for NGO. It can satiate your soul. I feel content as I was able to pay back to society. It saved me from falling prey to any of the bad habits or at least it helped me in killing my frustration period.

Having spent 3 years in Pune I've observed an increase in the number of NGOs and volunteers opting for weekend time for social service. I was amazed to see the enthusiasm and spirit of youngsters when I visited some NGO for the first time. I was glad to find people working hard for NGOs as they are now informed enough of their duties and responsibilities.

I realized that serving our blood is, of course, our duty but so is the service to the society because it’s ‘me’, ‘you’ and many others like ‘us’ who make this society. We need to take an initiative for CSR not for anyone but for ‘us’. Let’s just spread the word and take a step. We may not see an immediate effect, but if each one of us starts realizing its importance then gradually, we may end up having an all new, a better society to be called a part of!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

PopRazzi to Sufiana…

Yeah, it is not paparazzi to inform some celebrity update. I customized it to “Poprazzi”… Because at times doing some which makes no meaning but sounds fun :)  … must be done. Seriously I actually do not know different genres of music and their rudiments how trance music is different from hip-hop. But I know that beats make me thump with my feet and somehow it takes to other world so Music with Base and beats I love the most No matter what genre.

There are singers whom you love to hear with such vehemence that when new movie or album is released you just download the song with such impromptu. I used to do and dote on singers like   Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, and Ram Sampath. The Trusted Brand for me in music.

The real meaning of Music ”Unplugged” to me in engineering with Voice of Sir Jagjit Singh. I was in deep sorrow and somehow I wanted to be alone. I wanted feelings to utter through songs. I loved the pain at that time and I happen to listen to songs from Jagjit Singh. I became the fan of Jagjit Singh because of lyrics and his singing style. But one question popped up many times in my mind that why this Man is filled with sorrow and what made him sung in this manner. I went to Wikipedia and got to know he lost his son at age 21 (1991). From that day her wife Chitra never sang and he sang most of songs expressing the parting.

The most influential(touching)  lines from two songs :
“rekhaon ka khel hai mukkadar, rekhaon se mat kha rhe ho”
“jo usko mil nahi sakta , kyu uski hi chahat hai , mujko dil se yahi shiqayat hai “.

From then I started my road to appreciate music .

 Rahat Fateh Ali Khan : As time passed I heard a song from Teri ore from Singh is King. The voice was too mellow and full of life that it made me curious to check the playback singer. Almost every hit number from bollywood hit movie has track from Rahat Fateh Ali khan sahib. So I started like him placing him after Jagjit Singh in my ranking list.

Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan: Time flew away like blink of eye and after 2 years I found 3rd person to have a name in list and I listened to him first time on coke studio. I heard “Khaamaz” from Shafqat Amanat Ali khan. Now days he has giving hit tracks like “phir le aaya dil” from movie Barfi .”Kyu main Jaagon” from movie Patiala House and many more.

Ram Sampath : The most recent Singer I respect and love to listen is Ram Sampath .He Composed and sang for  Hit reality Show by Aamir Khan “satyamev jayate”.He used to give a track with context of every episode . I was flabbergasted by the his track “Ik Nazuk si Naaw hai Zindagi “ and the way he sang .

Like any normal human being we tend to shift taste but my rationale behind this is not to get bored with the things I love because I get obsessed with the things I love or love to do and there is high probability that I will get bore of that so to avoid and to keep my love intact for particular thing I do shift to other.

In this write up context I shifted to English soft numbers because I never get accustomed to Hard Rock(Metallica,Niravana ). I tried in thrice to drink their numbers but every time after 2 shots(songs) I vomited out and had to accept that I am not Dude(people consider hard rock listeners dude) .But soft numbers make me go romantic like tracks from MTLR(Micheal learn to rock), bryan Adams, David guetta, Charlene Soraria .

So I started listening to English soft numbers and mostly every month billboard 10. So Now I like Pop numbers from Edward Maya ,  Sean Paul , Pitbull because their tracks made the world go on their feet and do little exercising with them in disc .

Stereo Music track is my best number anytime in Pop. Below are the links of some of my favourite tracks. I owe you this as a patient reader though some of you must have skimmed all this melodrama narration of Music ;) .

Edward Maya: Stereo Music  
Pitbull: Let it rain Over me
Rihhanna: We found love in hopeless
 Sean Paul : Gotta Love you

Sufi :
Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan : Mora Saaiyen
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan :  Main Tenu samjhawa ki
Ram Sampath : Ik Nazuk si Naav Hai
Jagjit Singh: Mujhko Dil se yahi Shiqayat hai

Friday, 30 March 2012

Life ...(sequel of Love and Life )

Used to call my existence as life and would wonder how could I extract the best out of it. But over time, with a series of setting suns and blurring moons, I realized what I had was mere a collection of some biological processes and it was ‘me’ who needed to add life to those. I learnt that life could not be anyone’s gift to you, it rather is bestowed on you by yourself.

Life is a challenge, it is a measure of how worthy you make your existence to be, for others to acknowledge your presence and feel your absence and for yourself to be happy with what you are. It demands from one to be practical enough to survive through the lashes of reality and emotional enough to not let-go unheard the beats of those loving hearts.

They call life as ‘a blessing’ as long as they get what they desire, and name it ‘a curse’ when either they lose or they don’t gain what they want. They tend to ignore the fact that life is what they make it like.

Not that I advocate accepting what comes to you, but then you cannot even decide what the next moment should bring to you. All you can do is a little chiseling, take what comes and mould that into what you wanted. If even best of your efforts fail to attain that goal then probably you need to redefine your goals because sometimes we need to fall down to bounce back higher. Let not anything hamper your love for life. Remind yourself every now and then that you are here to ‘live’ not to simply ‘exist’.

Saturday, 24 March 2012


Yeah I know I am talking about the two most tagged words in blogosphere. The most talked about, most thought about, most experimented, most frequently defined words…. yet there remains something still to be explored. The deeper one digs to reach the roots, deeper it keeps demanding the search to go. Not that I am here to give that final touch to what I may call the ultimate contemplation of these enigmatic aspects of our existence, just wanted to add another drop to the ocean… :).

Love: Yet another emotion…but a little tricky and complex one. It may be the reason for one to smile and for the other to cry, for one to struggle to survive and for the other to pray to die, for one to come out with the best in oneself and for the other to ruin his/her life. In the end, it’s not ‘love’ responsible for what comes out to be. As they say, the sun that hardens the clay, also melts the ice. It is then your choice what you chose to be, the clay or the ice!
Love strengthens every relationship. It combats all the forces working towards disintegrating the relationships, or in other words, it becomes the only reason to hold on despite the prevailing differences. When love becomes a reason for your fall, then it’s probably not because of ‘love’ but lack of your faith in love. 
We tend to define things as we see them like. We define love as ‘trust and care’ when we find our lovers doing so, or when we treat our beloveds like that. We call love as ‘pain’ when we get the same from our lovers or when we see our beloveds in tears. 
According to me, love (in two people) is an emotion that results from the compatibility of their other emotions. If one’s pain is felt by the other, one’s joys are enjoyed by the other, one’s fear is understood by the other, one’s dreams are encouraged by the other, etc., .. then ‘love’ gets added to the list.

Life :  To be Continued ...